Python 3 – Learn it quick – Introduction to Variables

Introduction to Variables

In this lesson, we are learning, how to declare a variable in python and how to print the values. In python, the command, print can be used to display the value of a variable.

Below given is an example on how to declare a variable, assigning a value and printing its value. In this example, you need to try declaring a variable with letter k, assign a value 10 to it and then print the value of k. You can use the below work space to do this exercise.

Lab Excercise
# Create a variable k, equal to 10 # Print out k # This will get executed each time the exercise gets initialised j = 15 # Create a variable k, equal to 10 k = 10 # Print out k print(k) test_object("k") test_function("print") success_msg("Great job!")
Use the assignment operator (<-) to create the variable k.

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