Automated RED5 Installation

The following steps are intended to automate the installation of Red 5 versions 0.5 , 0.6.3 and 0.7.0 .

Download the red5 installer script ,


Note: Do not download the script to some location where every one can access it as someone may execute it and overwrite an old installation !

Make it executable,

chmod +x red5_install

Execute the script,


When the script is executed, it would ask for the red5 version to be installed. There are 3 choices as of now.. 0.7.0 , 0.6.3 and 0.5
Make the choice by entering the digits 1, 2 or 3 . Pressing any other key will select the latest version , 0.70 .

# ./red5_install

Hello ,Please choose the RED5 version : (1,2,3 or 4)

1. RED5 0.7.0
2. RED5 0.6.3
3. RED5 0.5
Press Any other key to install 1. RED5 0.7.0

After the version is selected, the process is automated . If everything goes well, you will see something similar to the following as the last line,

2010-01-23 02:54:24,834 [main] INFO org.springframework.cache.ehcache.EhCacheManagerFactoryBean – Shutting down EHCache CacheManager
2010-01-23 02:54:24,842 [main] INFO org.mortbay.log – Started SelectChannelConnector@
2010-01-23 02:54:24,968 [main] INFO org.mortbay.log – Started SslSocketConnector@
2010-01-23 02:54:24,969 [main] INFO org.red5.server.Standalone – Startup done in: 36346 ms

You can exit from this screen by entering the key combination of control and c (^c).

If the installation goes fine , then red5 would be installed in /usr/local/red and it can be started by executing,

service red5 start


./ >/dev/null 2>&1 &


nohup sh &

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  1. Great topic. Really helped me to install the RED5 in my server. Congrats admindiary for your valuable guide.

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