Install Microsoft Azure Linux Agent – WAAGENT

Install Microsoft Azure Linux Agent – WAAGENT

To install Microsoft Azure Linux Agent – WAAGENT, it is required to meet two requirements.

  1. SSH access should be working against the Azure virtual machine.
  2. VM should be running.

To install the package in CentOS, please execute the below command,

sudo yum install waagent

To install the package in Ubuntu, please execute the below command,

sudo apt-get install walinuxagent

If you couldn’t install the linux agent by following the above steps, please proceed with manual installation as given below,

Download Microsoft Azure Linux Agent – WAAGENT

To download Microsoft Azure Linux Agent 2.0.x, please execute,

wget wget<version>.zip

unzip WALinuxAgent-2.0.<version>.zip

cd WALinuxAgent-[version]




cd WALinuxAgent-2.0.16

Refer :

To download the latest version,

wget wget


cd v2.x.x




cd v2.2.2

Refer :

Install Microsoft Azure Linux Agent – WAAGENT

The python package setuptools is a prequisite to install the waalinux agent. To install the setuptools in your virtual machine, please execute,

pip install -U pip setuptools

If pip is not installed in your machine, then download it and install it by following the below steps,



Once the python package setuptools is installed, proceed with Azure Linux Agent installation,

sudo python install

Restart Azure Linux Agent – waagent

For Ubuntu based servers, please execute the below command to restart the agent,

sudo service walinuxagent restart

For most of other linux distros, the below command will work,

sudo service waagent restart

If not working, please try the below command,

sudo systemctl restart waagent

Check Azure Linux Agent Version

To check the Azure linux agent – waagent version, please execute the below command,

waagent -version

To know more about Azure linux agent installation, please refer the link,

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